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Kredietverlening aan het MKB: matig risico, aantrekkelijke rendementen.

Posted by Tailwind Crowd Team on Nov 3, 2016 10:40:39 AM

Midden- en kleinbedrijven zijn een essentiële onderdelen van de economie. Zij vervullen niet alleen een rol in het ondersteunen van de economie maar ook in het herstel ervan, aldus Jan Hommen bestuursvoorzitter van ING. De zogenaamde ‘corporates of tomorrow’ zijn belangrijk voor de werkgelegenheid, economische groei en de algemene ecosysteem van de Nederlandse economie.

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Pensioenfonds ABP verhoogt investeringen in startups/MKB's - fintech werkt als etalage

Posted by Tailwind Crowd Team on Oct 7, 2016 5:18:21 PM

Investeren in de toekomst – start-ups hebben de focus

Het is al een tijd bekend dat ondernemerschap goed is voor de economie. Naast het feit dat ondernemers op pad gaan om problemen op te lossen waar ze vaak zelf mee kampen, zorgen zij voor een stroom van innovatieve producten en diensten die onze kenniseconomie ten goede komen.
Zo lijkt het dus goed nieuws dat het pensioenfonds ABP hun investeringen in Nederlandse start-ups nog verder gaat uitbreiden met €300 miljoen. Dit heeft als gevolg dat het investeringsfonds waar ABP het geld onder brengt, Inkef Capital, nu maar liefst een half miljard euro in totaal heeft ontvangen van ABP om te investeren in Nederlandse ondernemers. Daardoor worden zij de grootste investeerder in Nederlandse startups.
Opmerkelijk is dat pensioenfondsen als het ware maar één groot doel hebben, dat vroeger niet samenging met investeringen in startups. Hoewel Voorzitter Corien Wortmann-Kool uitlegt dat economische ontwikkeling en werkgelegenheid belangrijke punten zijn om te verbeteren door investeren, blijft het belangrijkste punt natuurlijk het optimale rendement behalen voor de deelnemers van ABP. Startups en MKB's zijn dus niet alleen belangrijk om in te investeren vanuit een sociaaleconomische oogpunt, zij kunnen ook voor investeerders interessant zijn die alleen op zoek zijn naar een bovengemiddeld rendement. De fintech industrie waarin Tailwind Crowd zich bevind biedt dus de perfecte mogelijkheid aan om de bedrijven als het ware te presenteren voor de grote investeerders. Dit is iets wat Tailwind Crowd nu aan het verwezenlijken is met partnerschappen met professionele investeringsbedrijven. 
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Investing in Lending-Based Campaigns – Easier than you think

Posted by Tailwind Crowd Team on Jun 13, 2016 9:13:29 PM

 Invest in Projects that are of Interest to You and Earn Attractive Returns!

iWhen investing in a lending-based crowdfunding campaign, the project owner represents his/her company on crowdfunding platforms such as Tailwind Crowd. These are usually small to medium size enterprises that are looking for alternative ways to grow their business. The process is simple for investors to get involved; all that is required of you is to create your Tailwind account online and then choose the projects you would like to invest in, according to your personal preference.

Although the increase has been stronger in the UK and USA, crowdfunding in the Netherlands has been growing healthily over recent years. For example, transactions in 2014 were approximately €63 million and this had increased to an impressive €128 million in 2015! 

As an investor, there are many reasons for you to invest in a lending-based crowdfunding campaign. It is unlike any other investment in today’s market.

10 Reasons for the Investor to Choose Lending-Based Crowdfunding

1.     ROI ranges from 6% to 12%

2.     Monthly Interest Payments

3.     Secure a transparent and easy-to-use e-wallet environment for your funds and your returns

4.     Dashboards where you can track all the investments in different projects as well as the ROI expected

5.     Different risk assessments are carried out; including internal and third party assessment on the projects. You can also receive additional information on the projects upon request

6.     Live pitch and Q&A sessions online and offline with the entrepreneurs

7.     Typically, an investor will only fund a portion of the loan and spread the amount they wish to lend over many different businesses. This method has potential for an attractive and steady return whilst reducing risk through multiple borrowers.

8.     Your investment can help bring products to market that might not otherwise get funded through the traditional channels.

9.     Crowd funding allows you to invest in all types of small and medium sized enterprises, this could be all types of products, industries and causes.

10.  Using a trustworthy crowdfunding platform such as Tailwind Crowd is advised. They will provide complete transparency. This means they will provide all parties with as much information about their products up front as well as providing a safe and secure platform for your investment with an ongoing support network in place.

Crowdfunding lending is an increasingly popular way for growing businesses to get the investment required to succeed. Here are some of the benefits you will gain from launching a crowdfunding lending-based campaign:

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Don’t Get Caught Out by the Tax Authority in Crowdfunding!

Posted by Tailwind Crowd Team on Jul 13, 2015 10:55:00 PM

The following post should not be construed as legal or tax advice.

As you may be aware, crowdfunding platforms are becoming increasingly popular in the business world today. They provide an alternative means of fundraising for small businesses. Over the recent months, it has become apparent that the European Commission and other such organisations have been laying focus on the tax rules applicable to crowdfunding projects and although no changes have been made as yet; it is expected that greater scrutiny is to be exercised over the crowdfunding sector as a whole.

This is considered to be a grey area by most creators as the tax rules in crowdfunding vary enormously depending on the home country, industry and of course, the style of crowdfunding being actioned. Any applicable VAT is determined by the country in which the consumer is based so you can just imagine how complex things can get for the business owner! VAT rates and policies are different in all countries so to avoid complication, it’s recommended that business owners take advantage of the latest offering from MOSS (Mini-One-Stop-Shop), an online electronic portal which has been designed to allow for simplified implementation of this new Council Regulation.

 Stick to crowdfunding platforms such as Tailwind Crowd that proactively look for solutions to assist entrepreneurs and project owners deal with VAT implications.

As an entrepreneur, you should register with a platform that:

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How Banks can benefit from Crowdfunding

Posted by Tailwind Crowd Team on Jun 7, 2015 11:43:00 AM


Over recent years, it has become clear that start-up companies and small businesses struggle more and more to borrow money from commercial banks. While some consider crowdfunding a disruptive innovation amongst the finance sector, it’s vital to recognise the synergies that can be formed in order to keep a balance in the launch and development of new businesses.

Crowdfunding provides a solution to bridge the gap between small companies and commercial banks and should not be considered a threat to the financial sector in any way, shape or form! In fact, it should be considered an effective financial intermediary that can link the two together and result in an increase in business for banks and CF platforms alike.


“Funding Circle, the online "peer-to-peer" SME lender, has defended controversial talks with Santander which could see the bank passing on "leads" on small businesses seeking loans to the alternative finance platform.”         The Telegraph… read more


Banking Sector Co-Operation


Reputable crowdfunding platforms such as Tailwind Crowd are joining forces with commercial banks with the main aim of being able to form successful strategic partnerships that benefit all parties. Integrating traditional methods such as bank loans and venture capital to schemes that crowdfunding has to offer is resulting in a steady increase of new companies having the chance to launch and keep the economy expanding in a variety of sectors. 

Here are a five reasons why commercial banks should be working with crowdfunding platforms and not against them:

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